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  • Firemast

    Fireproof material Firemast / Industrial Standard 5779-004-73212626-2012
  • TRL

    Thermal expansion sealing tape
  • StP FP

    Hardly combustible sealant StP FP
  • VDF

    Vibration-damping fireproof material
  • Melaton

    Heat- and sound-insulating material
  • Noise LIQUIDator FP

    Vibration-damping anti-corrosion hardly combustible mastic
Advantages of fireproof materials produced by standartplast
Easiness to install
StP materials with a special adhesive layer are easy to install on a surface without special equipment
Anti-corrosion properties
Fireproof StP materials have unique anti-corrosion properties which give additional protection from moisture to the construct they are applied to.
Competitive price
As a manufacturer, STANDARTPLAST offers the best prices for fireproof materials to large organizations.
Environmental safety
StP materials are safe for human health. It is confirmed by quality management and environmental compliance certificates.
Low Weight
Low weight fireproof StP materials do not make the construct significantly heavier.
Perfect quality
Being manufactured, StP materials undergo a multilevel quality assessment procedure: from raw materials purchasing to end-use products delivery.
Materials testing
  • Fireproof material FireMast testing is led by Galina Zdorikova, Process Designer of fireproof materials
  • Fire-retardant TRL tape testing is led by Galina Zdorikova, Process Designer of fireproof materials

STANDARTPLAST presents innovative polymer fireproof materials and upgraded standard materials with fire-resistant properties.

At the present time, these materials are successfully used in engineering, aircraft construction, carriage building and other industries.