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Noise LIQUIDator FP

Noise LIQUIDator FP

Vibration-damping anti-corrosion hardly combustible mastic

This mastic is produced on the base of water dispersions of polymers, fillers, fire retardants and modified polymers additives.


Noise Liquidator FP is used to produce stiff water-resistant 2 mm thick damping coating on the surface of various metal constructs used within the temperature range from -30 to +80°C.

Spheres of Use:


  • Density: 1300 kg/m3
  • Coating density: 1300 kg/m3
  • Impact tolerance at the temperature of -30°C: no fractures or peeling
  • Mechanical loss factor coefficient at the frequency of 200 Hz: 0.15
  • Flammability group: hardly combustible
Advantages Noise LIQUIDator FP
  • Anti-corrosion and vibration-damping properties
  • Does not peel off
  • Hardly combustible
  • High mechanical loss factor coefficient
  • Temperature cycling resistant