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  • Firemast

    Fireproof material Firemast / Industrial Standard 5779-004-73212626-2012
  • TRL

    Thermal expansion sealing tape
  • StP FP

    Hardly combustible sealant StP FP
  • VDF

    Vibration-damping fireproof material
  • Melaton

    Heat- and sound-insulating material
  • Noise LIQUIDator FP

    Vibration-damping anti-corrosion hardly combustible mastic

The fireproof materials product line includes TRL tapes and the fireproof material Firemast.

The materials with fireproof properties product line includes the vibration-damping fireproof material VDF, the hardly combustible sealant StP FP, the heat- and sound-insulating material Melaton, and the vibration-damping anti-corrosion hardly combustible mastic Noise Liquidator FP.